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Become a Ten and join our social trading network! Sign up as an investor and copy our top-performing traders to reach your investment goals or become a manager yourself and lead the way for others to follow. Or why not mix and match your approaches? Copy trading with TenTrade allows you to do both.

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Copy Trading as a


• Registering is completely free.
• Set up your profile and load your trade history.
• Set your performance fee. Most of our providers place this within the 20-30% range.
• Once you gain subscribers who copy your trades, you will earn a share of any profits they make, based on your performance fee.
• You have zero liability for any losses your subscribers make as a result of copying your trades.
• You can state how frequently you want any profits to be transferred to your account.
• You can make a withdrawal to your bank account any time you choose.

Copy Trading as a


• Registering is completely free.
• Log in using your MetaTrader 5 username and password.
• From the dashboard you can follow one of the dozens of active social traders within our network.
• Your copy trades will be automated, even if you log out from the platform.
• The amount of leverage you use is up to you. You do not have to match the leverage used by your provider.
• All liability for any losses made while copy trading sits with you, not your provider.
• If your trades are successful, your provider will receive a share of those profits based on the performance fee that you agreed to when you subscribed to them.
• You can withdraw your profits into your bank account at any time.

An Education in Copy Trading with

Tap into our wealth of knowledge and enhance your education with TenTrade’s TenAcademy. We can offer access to courses, workshops, webinars, coaching and a host of other resources designed to help you get to grips with becoming a copy trader – and much more.

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Copy Trading

Copy Trading FAQs

Find out more about copy trading including how it works, the security of funds, using leverage
and the various markets you can access with TenTrade.

Copy trading is where the positions opened by one trader – known as a manager or provider –are replicated by other traders – known as investors or subscribers. This process is often automated, so the fortunes of the subscriber will precisely mirror that of the provider. Liability for any losses still lies with the social trader who’s chosen to follow another account. Copy trading can be a popular route into the markets for those who lack the time or knowledge to feel confident in their ability to trade independently.

Social trading and copy trading are the same thing. They’re just two slightly different phrases used to refer to the same concept. Simple!

As a subscriber, any profits you make will be subject to the performance fee set by your provider. Typically, these fees are around 20-30% but they can vary, so it’s up to you to follow an account that demands a percentage you are happy to pay.

As a provider, you will earn a proportion of any profits made as a result of your trades being copied by your subscribers. This commission will be in line with the performance fee you have set, and you can determine the frequency at which these profits are paid into your account.

Yes, you can withdraw your profits and transfer them to your bank account at any point. This applies to both copy traders and providers. And the funds should be in your account the same working day, as long as the request is made within business hours. If not, they will be transferred on the next working day.

You have full liability for any losses you make when social trading as a subscriber. Conversely, as a provider, you have zero liability for your followers’ losses.

You’ll use MetaTrader 5 as your copy trading platform. It boasts outstanding functionality and its slick, simple design makes it easy to use – regardless of your experience level.

Yes. Your trades will be automated so you will not be able to choose which positions you copy from your provider. And your trades will still be copied if you log out.

Yes. You can subscribe to more than one provider, but you will have to do so via a separate MT5 account for each one.

Yes. You can copy trade forex, commodities, indices, shares and cryptocurrencies with TenTrade. Of course, the specific assets in your portfolio will be determined by the provider you’ve chosen to follow. Some will focus on a single market while others may prefer to diversify across a variety of asset classes. Find out more about the different markets with TenTrade.

Yes, all copy trades with TenTrade are leveraged. This can offer you the potential to amplify your profits from a smaller amount of capital, while it also brings the risk of magnifying your losses. You don’t have to match the leverage ratio selected by your provider, but bear in mind that if you don’t have enough leverage to open the position, your trade won’t copy.

Your money, including any unrealised profits, is held in separate trust accounts with AA-graded banks. We operate within the strictest international laws and our technology is fully encrypted to guard against fraud. And if you struggle to make a profit from copy trading, we have protection that ensures your balance will never fall into the negative.

Find out more about the security of your funds with TenTrade.

Do you have questions about becoming a social trader? Want to know more about the ins and outs of being a provider or a subscriber? If you need to speak to us about copy trading or anything else, you can contact us 24 hours a day via live chat. You can also:

Register for free and join

the ever-growing TenTrade social trading network!

3 étapes pour lancer le Social Trading

1 Icône ronde

S'inscrire sur l'interface web en tant que fournisseurs, abonnés ou ou les deux. Les profils des fournisseurs peuvent être être listés publiquement ou en privé.

2 Icônes rondes

S'abonner au fournisseur de votre choix votre choix en fonction des résultats dans le module Ratings & Statistics dans le module Ratings & Statistics.

3 ronds d'icônes

Vérifier que les transactions sont copiées sur les comptes MetaTrader comptes MetaTrader des abonnés.

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