Week Ahead July 31 – August 4


未来一周 7 月 31 日至 8 月 4 日

EURUSD pair closed last week’s trading session lower, on disappointing ECB U-turn on their interest rate policy. The pair reached a multi month high level following a dovish FED release that their interest rate policy came to an end. Rally didn’t last long as the next day ECB follow the same dovish rhetoric on their interest policy and triggered a selloff in euro that pushed the pair sharp on the downside. Surprisingly economic releases from the US was another factor behind the US Dollar rally, that kept the pair on the downside.


周一,德国制造业零售额为负值,为-6.3%;周二,美国 ISM 制造业采购经理人指数预计为 46.5;周三,美国 ADP 就业人数预计为 195K 人;周四,美国 ISM 服务业采购经理人指数预计为 53;周五,美国平均时薪为 0.3%,非农就业人数预计为 184K 人。

Technically the picture is positive after last week’s close above (38.2%) at 1.1017 In this week’s trading session if pair resumes on the upside and close above (23.6%) could accelerate gains and re-test 1.1270. If continues on the downside and break and close below 1.0917 (38.2%) could open the road for 1.0815 (50%) Our traders opened new buy positions at 1.1000 targeting profits at 1.1270  We are expecting more aggressive buyers to appear below 1.0900 targeting profits above 1.1200 and sellers at 1.1270 targeting profits at 1.1050




GBPUSD pair closed last week’s trading session unchanged after an attempt to break lower and an attempt to recover some lost ground.  The dovish FED meeting helped the pair to trade higher. Although investors and traders preferred to sit on the side and wait for this week’s BOE meeting and interest rate decision. Fears that the BOE will follow FED and ECB interest rate policy kept the pair unchanged.

本周,交易员和投资者将主要关注英国央行(BOE)。央行预计将加息 0.25%,尽管随后将召开新闻发布会,但投资者和交易者仍将按兵不动,因为他们正在等待下一步的利率政策。如果央行跟随欧洲央行和美国联邦储备委员会停止加息,这将引发英镑抛售,并可能使货币对急剧下行。

周二,美国 ISM 制造业采购经理人指数走高至 46.5;周四,英国央行利率决议和新闻发布会;美国 ISM 服务业采购经理人指数走低至 53。美国平均时薪下降 0.3%,预计非农就业人数为 18.4 万。

Technically the pair is positive after last week’s close above ( 23.6% ) at 1.2853 As for this week, if pair resumes on the upside, will test 1.3140 Alternative, if continues on the downside, will test 1.2750 (23.6%) We are expecting short sellers at 1.3140 targeting profits at 1.2750 and buyers at 1.2750 targeting profits at 1.3140






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