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We are delighted to announce our new sponsorship deal with Stretford Paddock Football Club.This is part of our ongoing efforts to promote trading and education through sports. Let’s shake hands and wish Stretford Paddock a good season ahead and look forward to working together for the exhibition of good sportsmanship.

Partnership Mission

TenTrade, the leading fintech powerhouse, and Stretford Paddock Football Club – a unique, fan-owned football club based in the heart of Stretford, Manchester have teamed up together to celebrate the importance of shared core values through our partnership. Come join our journey as Stretford Paddock FC Official Online Financial Trading Platform Partner.

Stretford Paddock FC Mission

At Stretford Paddock FC, our mission is to foster a vibrant and inclusive football community in Manchester by promoting grassroots football through exceptional player development. Rooted in our unwavering commitment, we endeavor to unlock the unique potential within each player, providing unwavering guidance as they ascend towards their highest capabilities. Central to our ethos is the steadfast belief in the long-term growth of players, respecting and bolstering their individual journeys.

This commitment not only attracts premier talents from the region but also paves a definitive pathway towards the professional football arena. As guardians of this path, our ultimate goal is to forge a legacy of excellence, marked by the rise of exceptional players who ascend to the very zenith of league football.

Together, we envision a future where the name ‘Stretford Paddock FC’ is etched into the storied history of the FA Cup, symbolizing the unwavering spirit of our community and the heights we can achieve when we believe in the power of a shared dream.

The Role of Individuals and Community in Achieving Future Success

Just as football relies on its fans, investment companies depend on clients. Stretford Paddock FC values its fanbase and it’s community driven football team. Our commitment to exceptional service and value creation remains unwavering for our loyal clients.

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